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BiTechX Provides Fully Personalized Solutions For You, Within These Expertise


Creative Design

There are many things that can be created including but not limited to logos & brand guidelines, marketing collaterals, official documents. BiTechX is going to be there for you in all cases.

Why do you need a design team for your company and how to create one?


Digital Tech Dev

Marketing funnels, e-commerce, portfolio, blogs - You can decide on the genre of your website and our team will be prepared with our tools even when the website is complex.

Why is having a website worth every penny?


Video & Motion

Whether you want your videos to be created, edited or animated, we will build the wheels to make your dreams move.

Do you need to hire a professional video editor for editing your course videos? - Explained


Some Pre-Made Service Packages For You


Logo & Brand Kit Design

If you are starting your business/start-up, or maybe planning to revamp, and want one of the top notch agencies to take care of your brand design, then you should definitely check this out.


Autopilot Your Social Media

If social media activity is a crucial aspect of your business, then this service provided by a dedicated content research team can save you hundreds of hours which you can put towards scaling your business.

And We are not limited to only these packages!

Still Unsure If We Have The Skillset Or Capacity To Cater To Your Needs?


Collaboration is the key

We, at BiTechX, offer the maximum value for money by prioritizing quality over everything else. We create flawless designs and extraordinary receptiveness in order to make sure that increasing budget only increases the number of features instead of differentiating between quality factors.

Mumshad Nahiyan

We formed BiTechX to solve the problems my clients faced when they worked with mediocre contractors. When I was a freelancer, I noticed that my clients struggled to connect the outputs from multiple freelancers due to communication gaps. Also, they could not 'save time' by outsourcing tasks since they needed to micro-manage anyway. And since no one was really 'committed' to being available during all office days, sometimes it would severely impact project roadmaps and timelines. And contracting with new freelancers now and then was a hectic task.

BiTechX is directed by experienced individuals from the top 3% of professional freelancers on Upwork (as of 2023). Our mission is to build a team that eliminates the need for an in-house tech/design team for small-medium-size businesses.

Mumshad Nahiyan

CEO & Design Director

We Build Connections On A Personal Level, And Here’s Proof


Mumshad has been integral in designing both of my online brands, from logos to marketing materials, to websites, you name it. And I'll continue to work with him and his team for all my projects moving forward. I would highly recommend him and his team for anything with marketing, graphics, video, website, or design.


Work is superb and I appreciate communicating to me about alternate designs. Mumshad is awesome!