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People prefer to watch small video content over big paragraphs. Start your explainer video series with us!

What is an Explainer Video & why do you need it for your business?

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Coaching Program Video Editing

If you are a coach and planning to roll out a new coaching program with tons of pre-recorded videos, then we are the right person to take care of all the editing. Till now we have worked with hundreds of online coaches since 2018.

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YouTube Video Editing

If you are a YouTuber, and is looking to expand your team, we are the "editing expert guys" that you will love to have on your team. Our team will help you to spend less time on editing, and more time on your content creation and growth. Check our YouTube channel to learn our competence.

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Explainer Videos

You want to explain a service or a product of your company and you are looking for someone to create a short animated video? We can help you out with not only the animation, but also writing the script, preparing the voiceover (English and Bengali only) and publishing it to your social media as well.

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Logo | Intro Outro | Overlay Animations

We love to collaborate with professional Content Creators. If you are someone who is looking for someone like us who can assist you in creating your brand animation assets, and maybe brand designs as well, then BiTechX is your team!

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Ongoing Social Media

More than 70% of our clients work with us for ongoing video edit and animation support. We make videos by repurposing our client's coaching call recordings, YouTube videos, Raw footages, etc and publish them on their social media profiles regularly.

Clients, especially in the ecommerce business also ask us for quick animated ad creation or video ads to promote their products on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

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Our Process

Get connected via email and schedule an online meeting

Discuss the client's brand, current projects and future projects or ongoing expectations

Provide price quotes via email including estimated time to get the project done

Once client decides to proceed, we set up a one time hourly contract with the client via Upwork (or prepaid hours via Payoneer)

After a contract is set up, we create a group chat (via Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype) with the client and the Project Managers for faster communication

We start working on the projects, send updates, and receive feedback from the client via the group chat

Why our clients trust us

  • We practise research based design
  • Ethical in every step of our design process
  • Working with professional companies since 2014
  • We put effort like a business partner
  • Committed to reach deadlines
  • No ghosting! We love to communicate as much as our clients require
  • Capacity of working on multiple projects at the same time
  • Output like an Agency, Charge like a Freelancer