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Why do you need a design team for your company?
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Our Team Will Design For Your Brand At Every Step

We are best known for our ongoing design support


From Finding Out What Your Brand Needs

To The End Of Your Marketing Campaign


Brand Design Audit

If you are unsure about what to improve, but you know your current design is not working, then we are here to help. Our Creative Director will take the time to study your brand and its designs, and generate a report that will outline all your design improvement opportunities. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars of cost that would have to spend for a complete new rebranding.
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Logo & Branding

Logo and Branding are the first steps of your brand identity design. BiTechX studies your brand goals, researches on the competitors, and comes up with a timeless design that is fashioned to give your brand the impression it deserves.
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What is a Brand Guideline and why does your business need it?


Document & Presentation design

Pitch Deck, Program Summary, Pricing Sheet, Annual Report, Product Brochure and many more professional documents you regularly need. Our Design team is curated to cater any type of document design your company might need, both for digital and print media.
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Why do you need a Program Summary for your business?


Social media design & management

If strong social media presence is a necessity for your brand, then we are the right team for you. We have a dedicated social media team where we research, ideate, design and post for our clients, while our clients focus on developing their businesses.
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Why Are Hashtags Important For Your Business?


Product Design

Two of our strongest qualities are at BiTechX, we crave challenges and we thrive in creativity. We always prefer long term clients to short projects, which is why we help our clients build their company's product/service. Be an app, a website or a service campaign, we make it with as much care as we have put into our website.
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Marketing Collateral Design

If your product/service is ready to serve, and you are planning to design marketing collaterals such as Facebook/Google Ads, Email templates, funnels, then we are here for you.
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Importance of Brand Design Consistency!

Ongoing Design Support

More than 90% of our clients work with us for ongoing support.

  • "I need new icons for my Instagram story highlights"
  • "I need a new Google ad set for my upcoming campaign"
  • "Please update my pricing sheet with these new values"
  • "Can I get an infographic design with my picture?"
  • "I want a new years post for my Facebook page"

Set up an hourly contract with us, and we are ready to roll!

Email us to get connected

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Our Process

Get connected via email and schedule an online meeting

Discuss the client's brand, current projects and future projects or ongoing expectations

Provide price quotes via email including estimated time to get the project done

Once client decides to proceed, we set up a one time hourly contract with the client via Upwork (or prepaid hours via Payoneer)

After a contract is set up, we create a group chat (via Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype) with the client and the Project Managers for faster communication

We start working on the projects, send updates, and receive feedback from the client via the group chat

Why our clients trust us

  • We practise research based design
  • Ethical in every step of our design process
  • Working with professional companies since 2014
  • We put effort like a business partner
  • Committed to reach deadlines
  • No ghosting! We love to communicate as much as our clients require
  • Capacity of working on multiple projects at the same time
  • Output like an Agency, Charge like a Freelancer