Terms of Service

Last Revised: October 23, 2023
1. Provision of Services
BiTechX LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with its principal place of business at 1566, 1007 N Orange St., 4th Floor, Wilmington, DE, New Castle, US, 19801, and assigned Employer Identification Number (EIN) 38-4255936 (“Company”), hereby offers various digital services. These services include, but are not limited to, software development, visual design, animation, video editing, and content writing (collectively referred to as the “Services”). By purchasing agency hours from the Company, the Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
2. Purchase and Use of Agency Hours
2.1 Agency hours may be acquired through transactions facilitated by Stripe, Inc. (“Stripe”), the Company’s secure payment gateway. Each transaction necessitates the Client’s explicit acceptance of this Agreement.
2.2 The Company retains the right to modify its hourly service rates at its sole discretion and without prior notice, particularly for Clients operating on a pay-as-you-go basis, with biannual revisions being customary.
2.3 Following a purchase of retained hours, should there be an alteration in the hourly rate, the Client shall neither be eligible for a refund of the difference nor be required to remit additional funds.
2.4 Clients committed to a monthly retained hours subscription will continue to be billed at the preceding hourly rate for up to one (1) year from the date of the rate adjustment, contingent upon the subscription’s continuous activity. Subscription cancellation will result in the immediate forfeiture of the previous rate.
2.5 The Client acknowledges that purchased agency hours are non-transferable and not available for resale.
2.6 Agency hours cannot be applied towards any service that the Company does not offer or has ceased to offer.
2.7 The initiation of work on a project by the Company is contingent upon the receipt of full payment upfront unless an alternative arrangement is explicitly agreed upon in writing by both parties.
3. Restrictions on Services
3.1 The Company reserves the unilateral right to decline the provision of Services associated with activities deemed illegal, anti-government, politically controversial, unethical, inhumane, or otherwise objectionable.
3.2 The utilization of agency hours is confined exclusively to the Services currently available from the Company.
3.3 The Company reserves the right to blacklist and refuse future services to any Client who has engaged in inappropriate conduct towards any staff member, or who has failed to settle their financial obligations, whether in part or in full.
4. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality
4.1 The Company maintains the right to reuse, resell, or repurpose any original templates or frameworks crafted for the Client, subsequent to the extraction of any proprietary assets.
4.2 Projects executed for the Client may be featured in the Company’s portfolio, with the assurance that any confidential or proprietary content will remain undisclosed.
4.3 Arrangements for white-label services, proprietary reservations, or the execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement necessitate prior communication with the Company and may incur additional fees.
4.4 The Company commits to the non-disclosure of the Client’s confidential information, including passwords and payment details.
5. Revisions, Refunds, and Liability
5.1 The Client is entitled to a full refund for unused agency hours within seven (7) days of purchase, and a fifty percent (50%) refund within fourteen (14) days.
5.2 The Company offers up to two (2) rounds of revisions for project outputs that do not meet the Client’s satisfaction, provided they align with the initial instructions. Requests for additional revisions or changes in the scope of the ongoing project will incur additional charges.
5.3 Outputs aligning with initial instructions are non-refundable.
5.4 In instances of the Company’s failure to adhere to an agreed-upon project deadline, the Client may request a full or partial refund.
5.5 The Client is responsible for evaluating the Company’s capabilities and output quality prior to project initiation.
6. Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware, United States, excluding its conflict of law principles.
7. Amendment of Terms
The Company reserves the right to amend these terms at its discretion. Continued utilization of the Services signifies the Client’s acceptance of any revised terms.
8. Contact Information
For general inquiries, service quotes, communications, or discussions: connect@bitechx.com
For financial-related issues, including payments, refunds, contract setup, and complaints: admin@bitechx.com
For urgent assistance: +1 302 415 3210 (Phone)
By availing of the Services, the Client acknowledges their understanding of and agreement to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.